Band Heaters

There are an infinite number of band heater or flat element variations and there can be as many as 12 different types on a single extrusion or injection molding machine. Band heaters are often described as being nozzle (smaller, slide on) or barrel (larger, clamp-on) heaters in reference to the size and location of the heater on the machinery.

Where practical, Hotco are pleased to offer a complete survey of all your heating requirements free of charge to ensure you receive the most suitable band heater for your particular application.

Types of Band Heaters


Flexible Band Heaters (Mica Insulated)

Hotco flexible band heaters are designed to enable both installation and removal of the heater, without disturbing or having to previously remove other heaters or fittings.

Manufactured using a nickel-chrome resistance wire, wound onto a mica insulated former, the inner heating band is formed into a mild steel outer sheath. A stainless steel outer clamp band is provided with swivel toggles enabling continuous operation to 350°C with maximum recommended watt density rating of 3.8 Watts/cm2. A variety of electrical terminations are available.


Welded Band Heaters (Mica Insulated)

Hotco welded band heaters are designed for applications where flexible band heaters are not suitable, usually to eliminate the ingress of liquids or materials from contaminating the inner windings of the heater.

Manufactured using a nickel-chrome resistance wire, wound onto a mica insulated former, the mild steel outer covers are welded together forming totally sealed edges. Continuous operation to 350°C is achievable, with maximum wattage to 46.5 kW/m2. A variety of electrical terminations are available.


Welded Ceramic Band Heaters

Designed for applications where flexible ceramic band heaters are not suitable, welded ceramic band heaters are typically used to eliminate the ingress of liquids or materials from contaminating the inner windings of the heater.

A spiraled nickel-chrome coil is supported on ceramic formers and encased in a welded steel or stainless steel sheath, and vibrate filled with magnesium oxide as a heat transfer medium. Continuous operation to 450°C is achievable, and maximum wattage to 60 kW/m2.


Tubular Band Heaters

Consisting of a mineral insulated tubular heater, Hotco Tubular band heaters are formed to suit the required diameter, and a stainless steel clamp ensures a tight fit for better heat transfer. Termination can be screw terminals, flexible leads or a two pin plug fitting. The most common application is on barrels and nozzles of plastics injection moulders and extrusion machines, heat treatment of piping and other process equipment requiring uniform heat and high temperature.

Tubular band heaters have been found to be most resistant to damage from plasticised materials,and mechanical abuse which, along with lack of adequate clamping, is the most common cause of premature failure in conventional heaters. Designed to be heavy duty; Hotco tubular band heaters provide greater life, high temperature capabilities and performance under extreme conditions.


Cast-In Metal Tubular Band Heaters

Manufactured to exact customer specifications, cast-in tubular heaters can be supplied in many shapes and configurations to enable high temperature heat transfer, particularly where even temperature and accuracy is required. Water cooling pipes are often cast-in with the elements to enable the set point temperature to be maintained.

Tubular elements cast-in aluminum or bronze provide long life and even heat distribution. These elements are generally used in extruders and other high temperature applications.

Mini Tubulars

Mini Tubulars

Metal-sheathed magnesium oxide-insulated tubular mini elements are for use where space is restricted. They are available in, 3.3 and 3.8mm diameter, 3 x 3mm section and 2.2 x 4.2mm section and are commonly used as nozzle and sprue bush elements.

Common applications include hot met adhesive applicators, medical equipment and heated rollers.