Temp Controllers

Temperature Controllers and Heat Sensors

Hotco stock a large variety of temperature controllers including thermostats, regulators, thermocouples and more. Our aim is to have all the temperature controllers and related products we use in manufacturing heaters also available to our customers.


among our most popular temperature controllers are bulb-type thermostats which include mounting screws and dial knob.

Order Code Range °C Amps @ 240V Capillary (mm) Bulb Size Diff (°C) &Comment
AM25036 0 – 40 16 1450 6 x 149 3 – Room temperature thermostat
AM25037 30 – 110 16 1430 +gland 6 x 115 3 – Water temp
AM25038 60 – 200 6 1430 +gland 6 x 77 5 – Fat fryers
AM25039 50 – 300 16 830 3.1 x 160 10 – Manual reset
AM25040 50 – 300 6 840 6 x 79 10 – 3 phase
AM25041 50 – 320 16 1430 3.1 x 160 7 – Ovens
AM25042 50 – 450 16 840 7 x 308 12
AM25016 0 – 300 16 1000 25 Pan Sensing Type

Power / Energy Regulators

Also referred to as “Simmerstats”. These temperature controllers regulate the temperature by regulating the power.

Order Code Description
AM25350 Power regulator switch and knob only 240V 13 amp
AM25351 Power regulator set up in PVC enclosure with 3 pin plug and GPO

Electronic Temperature Controllers

Hotco offers a quality range of electronic temperature controllers to help fine tune the control system of your heating system. Our range offers our customers a great variety of sizes and configurations to replace any existing temperature controllers or as an integral part of a new control system.

We also manufacture complete control cabinets for large heating systems either as a compliment to a system supplied by Hotco, or as an upgrade to an existing one.

Here are some of the features our temperature controllers offer:

  • Fuzzy – PID Control
  • Standard DIN sizes available
  • Ramp rate & timer functions
  • Highly configurable
  • 4-20mA output options
  • Multiple alarm modes available
  • Manual control
  • Three level software access
Order Code Size (mm) Display Output
AM31249 48 x 48 Digital Relay with Type J or K input

Thermometers and Other Devices

Along with temperature controllers, we also assist in remote measuring devices including:

  • Hand held “INFRA-RED” thermo-measuring instruments
  • Hand held DIGITAL thermometers
  • Specialised probes to suit hand held digital thermometers

Solid State Relays

Order Code Description
AM25352 Voltage Output, suits 12 – 30 V SSR
AM25353 Relay output, suits contactor or 240V SSR

Temperature Sensors

Hotco manufactures a large range of thermocouples to suit almost any requirement including different shapes for different applications:

  • 45°C and 90°C angled probes
  • Ring sensors – for barrels, nozzles and pipes (Specify diameter)
  • Shim Type – for barrels and nozzles (Specify Diameter)
  • Eyelet Type
  • Leaf Style – Fits under heaters for surface sensing – shim brass 10mm x 20mm
  • Threaded Button Style – for screwing into threads (Specify thread and length)

We also carry an excellent range of standard K and J thermocouples in stock for your convenience. Stock thermocouples are supplied with stainless steel 3/16Ø 1.125″ long sensor and stainless steel braided leads.

Lead Length 3/16″Ø S/S Tip, Industrial Std. Type J 3/16″Ø S/S Tip, Industrial Std. Type K Plus Bayonet & Spring Assy Type J Plus Bayonet & Spring Assy Type K
1.0 m ASJ1M ASK1M AM29898 AM29905
1.5 m ASJ1.5M ASK1.5M AM29899 AM29906
2.0 m ASJ2M ASK2M AM29900 AM29907
3.0 m ASJ3M ASK3M AM29901 AM29908
4.0 m ASJ4M ASK4M AM29902 AM29909
5.0 m ASJ5M ASK5M AM29903 AM29910
6.0 m ASJ6M ASK6M AM29904 AM29911

Mineral Insulated Sheathed Range (MIMS)

MIMS thermocouples consist of 2 conducting materials (Types K, J &T) compacted into a tube (probe), normally 310 stainless steel and insulated with fine magnesium oxide. Supplied as standard with 2 metres of metal braided leads, they offer 3 advantages over the standard type:

  1. The probe can be made in very small diameters
  2. The whole thermocouple, though semi-rigid, can be bent to suit most applications without impairing performance
  3. They have a higher temperature handling capability.
Order Code Description
AM23381 Type J – 1.5mm Ø 150mm long
M23382 Type K – 1.5mm Ø 150mm long
AM23383 Type J – 3mm Ø 150mm long
AM23384 Type K – 3mm Ø 150mm long
AM23385 Type J – 6mm Ø 150mm long
AM23386 Type K – 6mm Ø 150mm long

RTD PT100: Platinum Resistance Bulbs

These are excellent temperature controllers for fine tuned control requiring a greater accuracy in lower temperatures. They are produced to your specifications with a minimum sheath diameter of 2.5mm. Available in 2 or 4 wire configurations with internal connections.

Accessories for Sensors

  • Collar & Spring Assemblies
  • Adaptors (male) Brass 1/8″ BSP
  • Thermocouple Cable
  • Compensating Cable
  • Panel Mount Sockets
  • Plugs (mini and standard)
  • Compression Glands
  • Reducing bushes

Hotco stocks an extensive range of temperature controllers, heat sensors and accessories which are available to customers at short notice. As always, if you need assistance in designing or selecting the right temperature controllers for your application our team of technicians are available to assist.